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There are three types of codes used by a community to control growth namely; development codes, construction codes, and maintenance codes. Development codes determined how land is used and what form such growth takes. Construction codes guide the actual construction of buildings and structures; standards for building, plumbing, electrical, heat, and air conditioning systems are applied to ensure safe buildings. Maintenance codes prevent substandard conditions by requiring property to be kept in a safe, sustained and sanitary manner.

Zoning and subdivision regulations are development codes. The Commission deals with only zoning and the platting function of subdivision regulations. Subdivision development standards are managed by both the city and county engineer. Building codes are administered by the Bureau of Inspection and Fees for the city and county. Maintenance codes are only enforced within the city by the Bureau of Inspection and Fees and Economic and Community Development Department.

  Zoning is a land development tool composed of two basic components. There is a text and a map. The text sets out the standards for development like lot sizes, setbacks, and buffers, permitted and conditional uses and other specifications for how land is to be developed. The map shows where these activities may take place such as commercial, residential and industrial zoned areas.

The activities of the Zoning Department can be grouped under six specific functions: issuing zoning permits for permitted, conditional uses and special exceptions, reviewing and approving platting of property, pre-development conferences, inspections and enforcement of the zoning regulations,Design Review Board and records management.

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